Expanding Utopian Consciousness With Singer Diva

LA-based singer and song writer, Diva, creates uninhibited "inter-dimensional" music that fulfils a deep reflection on our existence. Taking ahold of her own production, she tweaks the lines between neo-pop and R&B, with strong elements of spirituality expressed within her lyrics. Diva is a leading artist on Peanut Butter Wolf's newest imprint Circle Star Records and has just released her latest 10-track album Divinity In Thee.

We chat to Diva about her latest album, the collaborations we can expect between her and her 20 month-old daughter, and what her name means to her. Ayla Dhyani writes.


You’ve just dropped Divinity In Thee. Tell us what the record means to you.

The main theme of this record is recognising our own divinity and the potential for paradise here on planet earth. That we are limitless inter-dimensional beings and that life is magic. That we have infinite access to the greatest force in the universe and all manifest existence and that is love. An expansion of utopian consciousness.

How does the name ‘Diva’ resonate with you?

Diva is the name my parents gave me. There were times in my life growing up that I didn't totally relate to it or understand the name. But now I feel it is such a synchronistic title. It means goddess!

You grew up in a fairly musical household. Did your upbringing influence your style significantly?

My upbringing made me fall in love with music very early in life. I thoroughly felt the magic of musical experience at an age when I was so open. I was definitely exposed to lots of interesting sounds as a child and then in my adolescence, I got heavily into punk culture which was also influenced by my family. Now I've expanded beyond that and am interested in lots of music that wasn't part of my upbringing like jazz, pop, new age, etc. I also grew up in a very atheist household and have found this journey to spiritual dimensions on my own, which started through personal astral experiences that I grew to understand later in life. My father has always been an open-minded person, though, and supportive of all creative exploration. So I think that has weaved its way into many aspects of my own expression. 

How did you originally get into producing?

That's a funny question to me because I've always been a songwriter since I was a kid. The production side just came as a natural progression when I started making music completely on my own without any other band members or anything. But I never really saw the producer role as separate from the songwriting role. It always comes up now though with people constantly asking if I produce my own music. Yes I do! I started on a 4 track years ago then to an 8 track and now I mostly use Ableton. 

How do you find the LA community responds to your music?

I feel a great support and love from my community here in Los Angeles. I am so grateful for all the blessed beings I get to share this city with. So many true angels exploring the depths of humanity here with me. 

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

My daughter, Love. She is 20 months old now and we like to jam together already. I would love to see a musical relationship continue to grow between us! She is my favourite person to do most things with because her response to the world is so pure.

What moves you?

This has been an important theme for me lately. As a mother, sometimes I feel that my feelings and emotions can get suppressed or postponed… definitely channelled differently than they used to be. Something more like a subterranean river than a freely flowing waterfall under the sun. It's important for me to find ways for this river to emerge. Some solitude and a sincere voice usually open the gateways. The new Weyes Blood EP has helped! Essentially I am moved by anything that reminds my soul of its true nature. Things that help me to resonate within mysterious and veiled planes.