In League With Aria Lanelle


Boston's powerhouse vocalist, Aria Lanelle has just dropped the second EP in a trilogy of haunting and captivating records. This second instalment, My Name Is, is an introduction to her as an artist and takes the listener on an emotional odyssey from start to finish.

We chat to Aria about the story behind her latest EP, her journey as an independent artist, and the blend of genres she wishes to incorporate into her music style. Ayla Dhyani writes.


It’s fairly evident that you take us on a journey throughout your EP, what was the strongest emotion you felt during the production process?

I would say feeling adventurous and experimental. I was trying to process different ideas throughout the production and trying new things and pushing myself in ways that I hadn’t before.

Would you find that the emotions you felt during the production would reflect situations in the rest of your life as well?

I’d definitely say that too. I was getting out of my comfort zone. My music is really a reflection of the journey that I have been on or am currently going through in my life, and it’s just a little snap-shot of what I’m going through.

The EP is the second in a trilogy that you’re releasing. Do you find that the records tie together?

Yeah for sure. The first EP is pretty much me just stating that I exist. Then the second is me introducing myself a little bit further. So if there was a conversation, the first EP was me just stating my name and the second would be me saying “hi, how are you?”

I found it so great the way that you set out the tracks on the EP. It really showed a strong reflection of the process, starting with the track ‘From Then Till Now’ and ending with ‘Mary’s Peace.’ What do you think would be the transition from that moment to the next EP?

I think everyone will probably see the next phase of my journey.  It's a preparation and a transition into making albums. The next EP will literally tie together my first couple of EPs and make a nice 'bow', while making it a little open-ended. 

As an independent artist, do you think about that process within your career and what steps that you need to go through?

I definitely do. As an independent artist you’re pretty much doing it all yourself. I mean, you have your publicist etc., but there is no real label team. So you have to think about ways to put yourself out there.

And has there been a significant moment in your career so far that has stood out for you?

I think I've always just been heading that way. I think perhaps when I started doing more shows and seeing people’s response - and with this Rockwood show in New York that I have - that was a moment where it felt really big.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Wow… there are so many artists that I would love to collaborate with. I would say A.K. Paul and Jai Paul. They're these great UK artist that I’ve been following through their evolution for years. So that would be really awesome.

What kind of track do you think you would produce together?

Well, they do forward thinking R&B, so I think that would be really cool to do something along those lines with them.

Is there a genre that you would want to incorporate into your music that you haven’t in the past?

There are so many. I have so many musical influences and would love to experiment with different sounds in the future. Perhaps true old-school funk, or maybe dream-pop in a way that I can mesh it with my own sound to make something completely new and original. That is totally my ethos. To combine different sounds and make it sound super cool.

I feel like Boston has exploded with such a great music scene recently. As a Boston artist, do you feel like there's a lot of support in the area?

It's strange because I feel like there's an equal amount of support from everywhere. I do definitely feel the support from Boston on a listening sense, but there aren't as many live venues, which makes it more challenging. However, I definitely feel the support from listeners checking out my music and following my movements online and sharing it with their friends and family. I definitely feel the support.

What moves you?

Nature. I love marvelling at the sky, walking in parks, and looking at the beauty of nature. Whether it's a flower or sunset, I find it holds such inspiration for me.


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