Purposeful Experiments With Roseau

London-based producer and song writer, Roseau takes us on an emotional journey with the release of her debut solo album Salt. Finding inspiration in the sounds of objects discovered in an abandoned warehouse, she pushes the boundaries of digital production. Having gone solo from new-wave duo, Peter & Kerry, Roseau has poured her heart and soul into her latest project with universal themes of heartbreak, numbness, and the search for solace. Salt is available now through iTunes.

We chat to Roseau about her debut album, her connection to the Dominica Republic, and her emotional process of creating music. Ayla Dhyani writes.


You just poured your heart out on your debut album, tell us what the record means to you.

It means a huge amour. It was written over a long period of time when a lot of changes were happening in my life. It kind of got me through a lot of it.

As such an emotional musician, how does creating music change you in your everyday life?

I know it's hugely cliche to say, but I find creating music massively therapeutic. It's a great outlet. I go a bit mad if I don't get to make music often enough.

How has the experience been going solo from Peter & Kerry?

It's taken some getting used to for sure, but both of us made solo music before this. So it's not too scary.

Where does the name ‘Roseau’ come from?

It's the capital of Dominica, the Caribbean Island where my Dad is from. We didn't really get to spend much time there as kids so I guess it's just a little nod to that side of my heritage.

Is there a moment that stands out for you where you knew that music was your passion?

Probably the first time I worked out how to record myself. I played it back and was blown away by the fact I could layer guitar parts and harmonies. I just wanted to do it forever.

What do you anticipate for the future?

I have no set plan. I don't want to try to predict what will happen in the future. I'd like to do lots of touring and maybe some songwriting for other people, but will just take it as it comes.

What moves you?

That's a really hard question. Lot's of things move me. The obvious is music, especially lyrics. Film moves me, words move me, people move me.